This is a book about the tactics and execution of customer service, rather than strategy and academics.

Why? Because significantly more companies are under-performing due to poor execution, than are failing due to poor strategy. Too many executives over-think the simple until it becomes complicated. This book makes it basic.

You will discover:

  • Customer retention is as important, if not more important, than customer acquisition.
  • Why the "boring everyday" will make you stand out.
  • Delivering exceptional customer service and measuring customer satisfaction are no longer optional.
  • Dissatisfied customers used to tell 8-10 other people about their negative service exprience, now they tell 8-10 million!
  • What 95% of most CRM systems are missing? (Hint: The actual customer experience.)
  • Gathering service feedback should be real-time, continuous, and provided by actual customers.
  • Trendy, one or two-question surveys may have predictive value, but provide very little actionable information.
  • Recovering customers who have had a bad experience may be your highest possible ROI activity. Are you doing it?

This book focuses on the practicalities and common sense of taking care of customers and then letting them tell you how you are performing.

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Richard D. Hanks

( Chairman and President of Mindshare Technologies )

Richard D. Hanks is the Chairman and President of Mindshare Technologies. Mindshare's proprietary survey and analysis technology captures customer and employee feedback in real-time and immediately transforms it into actionable intelligence. The company serves major clients in over 25 industries, amassing over a quarter of a billion customer insights per year. Mindshare's objective is to help its clients achieve “operations improvement through customer involvement,” leading to increased customer loyalty, revenues, and profits.

Rich has been a senior executive of several Fortune 500 companies as well as several start-up ventures. He was a corporate officer at Marriott, an executive with PepsiCo and Price Waterhouse, and CEO of Blue Step, a software start-up. Rich was named "The Leading Sales Innovator in the Lodging Industry," and Marriott's sales team was rated one of the top 25 among all companies in the U.S. for four years under his leadership. Rich also led Marriott onto the Internet, prompting Bill Gates to refer to him as an "important Internet champion" in his book Business @ the Speed of Thought. Earlier in his career, Rich was called the "Leader of Hotel Revenue Management and Strategy" for his leadership in hotel pricing and yield management. He is also a CPA. Rich was nominated as Utah Entrepreneur of the Year in 2001, 2007, and 2008.

He is an author and frequent teacher/speaker at trade, academic, and professional gatherings. Rich was an adjunct professor, and taught at Cornell University for 10 years. He obtained his bachelor's degree from BYU and his MBA from Northwestern University. Rich and his wife, Liz, raised their family in Texas, Maryland, and Utah. They have three grown children, and reside in Salt Lake City. He is active in his faith, serving at various times as a missionary, youth leader, and Bishop (lay minister) of a congregation. Rich loves being with his family, and in his spare time enjoys basketball and woodworking. He is currently president of Mindshare Technologies.